For Curcumin Gold

I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and severe endometriosis which ended with a hysterectomy. Over the past 5 years I have used prescribed steroids and medications for pain management.  The drugs have many side effects, including weight gain and tiredness.  I was recommended by a friend to try Miceltech Curcumin Gold.   Within days of using Miceltech Curcumin Gold.  I am experiencing feeling like my old self again.  I have energy to exercise, I feel vital and the quality of my life has transformed.  The cloud has lifted, and I am enjoying the refreshed me!

This product has honestly worked for me and I have no hesitation in recommending Miceltech Curcumin Gold.

Karen, Christchurch


For me, I am in no doubt; Miceltech Curcumin Gold has supported my return to being healthy and enjoying life again.

Miceltech Curcumin Gold has been a miracle for me.   I have prostate cancer, and have been in treatment for 6 months.  During this time, I was introduced to Miceltech Curcumin Gold and made the choice to use the serums daily.  3 months after my second injection my PSA showed a drop from 7 to 2.1.  My oncologist said this was the fastest drop he has ever seen.  With that level of progress, he predicted the PSA drop to 1.2.  After 3 months of using Curcumin serums, my PSA is now 0 – ‘UNDETECTABLE”.  After discussion with my oncologist, I shared that I had been taking Miceltech Curcumin Gold, where he suggested that there had been medical evidence of the benefits of Curcumin.  He recommended I keep taking the Miceltech Curcumin Gold Serum in conjunction with my prescribed treatment because it was working well for me.

I am excited for people who are dealing with similar health issues – it may very well be the support supplement for quick recovery.

Barry, Christchurch


I had an accident and got 2nd degree burns on neck and décolletage. I didn’t go to the Dr immediately until 2 days later when I realised I’d done significant damage. Dr diagnosed 2nd degree burns, several of the large blisters had broken by then but some smaller ones were still present. She said it could scar and I needed to keep the area covered for next 10-12 months, so heading into summer realised that was going to be difficult to manage summer with polo necks and scarves. I put rosehip oil on the burns with some colloidal silver cream.

They dressed the wounds with a burn cream for the next few days to ensure no infection.

I thank God (and Clive Cousins and Lindsay Kerslake) because at a business meeting I was given a bottle of Curcumin Gold Bio Serum. They told me the many benefits of this active with new nano technology, including healing burns.

When I was allowed the bandages off I then started mixing the Curcumin serum with rosehip oil to try to remedy the dark black/red burns on the skin revealed after the top layer had blistered off. The worst bits were clearly starting to look like they would scar as that 2nd layer of skin was clearly burnt and almost crispy.

11 days after initial burn and 7 days after applying Curcumin Serum – I could see healing clearly happening so kept going with the Curcumin serum and rosehip oil mixture.

I started to get hopeful that I wouldn’t be left with scars as the skin was transforming from the black/red colour to pink.

The healing continued phenomenally fast as you can see left, this was now 22 days after initial burn / 18 days applying Serum mixture. I now felt sure there would be no scarring as the burns were fading.

Louise Jones, 24 October 2016